Still frustrated with how to download IMDb movies? Here is an instruction telling you how to download free IMDb movies to Android.

Considering most video websites like IMDb only allow online watching, a free video downloader becomes necessary and provides much convenience. It not only provides tons of videos and music for you to stream since video downloaders always support a number of sites but also help you download them to your device.

VidMix is a free video & music downloader. It only takes several steps to download free movies from IMDb using this app.

Why Choose VidMix to Download IMDb Movies

Although there are many video downloaders on the market, some don’t support the IMDb app, and some support much fewer video sites than VidMix, which contains over 2000 ones. If this is the first reason to choose VidMix, then, the HD movies download is your second reason. In VidMix, you can choose the full HD format to download your videos. In fact, VidMix provides many formats and resolution to choose from, such as MP3, M4A, 3GP, MP4 ETC. You can choose the one you need in the downloading process.

VidMix is a totally free and secure downloader APK. Its other features like multiple network connections make it your great choice to download IMDb movies. Now, let’s have a look at how to use VidMix to download free movies from IMDb.

VidMix offers several ways to download IMDb movies. You can download on IMDb app with VidMix or you can download on VidMix app directly.

Step 1: Install VidMix

Visit VidMix official website to download and install this app. 

Step 2: Search for the Movie on IMDb

Find IMDb on the homepage of VidMix. Enter IMDB website and search for the movie you want to download. As the search results show, tap on the one you need.

Step 3: Download the Movie from IMDb

At the same time, you’ll see a blue download button appears on the bottom right corner. Tap on that button.

Step 4: Choose the Format

As we mentioned above, VidMix provides a number of formats. Choose one to download your movie on the pop-up page and then start “Download”

Step 5: Download Finished

Find the movie in “Download” by tapping on the download icon in the top right corner of your phone.

Get VidMix here and start to download your favorite IMDb movies with the ways mentioned above. It should be noted that the ways are suitable for downloading video & music from 2000+ sites available for VidMix. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us on Facebook.