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As soon as you click to watch downloaded file, app is closed

We are fixing this problem At present, 
You can avoid this problem by this method. After creating the download task, 
Don't click the download icon Waiting for the number above the download icon to disappear, the download task is complete. 
You can go to the download location you set to find the file you downloaded.




The movie or episode no link displayed

If you can watch YouTube videos, but can't watch movie or series,This may be because your network environment cannot access the play link we provide. You can download a VPN app from Google play


The movie or series download failed

1. Check if your phone's memory is sufficient. The default download directory of VidMix is on the phone itself. If the phone has insufficient memory, you can try to modify the default download directory to SDcard.

2. Some links do not support suspending downloads. You need to complete the download once. Do not change your network environment (do not switch from one wifi to another wifi or 4G network)



Some website videos cannot be downloaded

First determine if this video can be played on the original 'YouTube' 'Facebook'

Second, determine if this video requires a login to view. such as 'Twitter' You can log in first in this place, so that you can download the videos you want to watch on these websites in the future.

Third, you have to make sure that the link you copied is a video link, not a link to the home page. like 'TikTok'

Some of our websites do not currently support downloading videos, we will try our best to add more websites.'Hotstar' 



Withdrawal has not arrived

Cash withdrawal will arrive within 1~3 business days, Please be patient

If you are actually inviting your friends, You will get what you deserve, 

If we judge that you are not inviting a real person or yourself, we will not withdraw the invitation reward.



About new features

The following features are our future development plans
1. Add subtitle options
2. Label the source dubbing
3. Play synchronously with the TV
4. Support more website video downloads