I am a veteran movie fan.

But in life, due to work reasons, it is difficult for me to go to the cinema to watch movies with my friends on weekends.

Many movies I want to watch, until the movie goes offline from the cinema, I have no chance to find a friend to go to the cinema with me.

In the end, I can only wait for this movie to go out on the Internet to watch it. However, many movies still need to be charged.

So I started looking for video applications that don't require.



SnapTube was the frist i find, there are so many funny Video,But if i wanna watch some lastest movie, it's very hard to find it. there are so much invalid or error information.

Sometimes, I spent a long time and found that they didn't have that movie at all, which made me so sad that I finally gave up on it.



Vidmate was a very nice app for me.but only once,This app is very convenient to find a movie I want to watch.

But it is a pity that after I used it, its movie links have not been updated. Many new movies have not been displayed, and even some of the previous movie links have begun to expire. After a period of time, I also uninstalled it.


Vidmix is the best app I have ever seen in 2018
Not only is it free for movie updates, but it also makes it easy to download YouTube videos. I know that stree has been updated to HD version on vidmix.
It's faster to update than I thought. It can be downloaded,Surprisingly, I recently discovered that I can make money by watching movies on VidMix. This is really great.


If you have encountered the same problem as me, please don't hesitate to use VidMix is your best choice.