Recently VidMix started a new feature 'Tasks'
I think it is a great feature, because I have earned 2000rs through this, and I have already cashed in.

And I will have more than 500 rupees of income even if I don't do anything tomorrow.
Because i have invite more than 500 friends

As long as they use VidMix tomorrow, I can earn at least 1rs

so,let me tell you how to invite friends to VidMix

The Frist Way:Share it to your friends in WhatsApp.

It is a good way to invite people.Because if someone in the group download and earn money, you will be trusted in this group, more and more people will download VidMix and put your invite code.

I have invite more than 100 friends by this way. It also help me believe withdrawal at VidMix is real


The Second Way:Share it to your friends in Facebook.

This way is different from WhatsApp, Almost all the people you know in Facebook, As long as you send it a few more times, you can let all people know.
But many of my friends here are coincident with WhatsApp, so only 34 friends have been invited through this method.


The last way: Answer the question in Quora

This is a magical way,It's useless when I start using this method.

but one day I woke up and found that 83 people filled in my invitation code.

I am almost going crazy.when I cashed out this money to my PayTM.

Then I found out that I got a lot of upovte from my answer to the movie on QUORA.

By this way, I get a lots of ruppes.

In this way, I can make a lot of money in just one hour a day, which is really a great function.