Do you know how to download Rutube videos for free? If you don't know, here is an awesome way to save videos from Rutube, YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.

If you want to avoid bad network connection or get rid of the advertisement jumping out frequently, downloading the videos to your Android is the best choice. Similar to YouTube, Rutube contains large amounts of online videos. To download Rutube videos for free, you only need an awesome free video downloader.

Tricks to Download Rutube Videos

VidMix is a free video & movie downloader. On this platform, you are able to download videos for free from 2000+ sites, absolutely including Rutube. In addition,Now, let's have a look at the way to download Rutube videos.

Step 1: Install VidMix App

To download Rutube videos, install VidMix to your Android firstly. You can download this app by visiting VidMix official website

Step 2: Find the Rutube Videos or Music in VidMix

Find Rutube on the homepage of VidMix. Then, search for the video or music you want to download in the search box of Rutube. Then, click on the target video to play it.

Step 3: Tap on the VidMix Download Button

Tap on the blue download button that appears on the bottom right corner to download Rutube video.

Step 4: Choose the Format of Rutube Video

Before the download starts, choose the video format and resolution you need. Then, tap on "Download" to start the Rutube video download.

Step 5: Check the Downloading Process

Find the Rutube video or music in "Download" by tapping on the download icon on the upper right corner of your phone. Now, the download is finished, and you can tap on the green play icon to play the Russian video.

Now, you have known the best 2 ways to download Rutube videos for free. Why not get VidMix now and start to enjoy free videos and music?