First of all

You need get download the latest version of the VidMix app,I suggest to go to their official website to download,Of course you can also download to VidMix in other app stores.

this method is the most effective.and login with Google or Facebook. You can get one rupee


Second Step

Remember to log in every day to receive gold coins, If you log in for seven days in a row, you will get a lot of gold coins.



Next is the most important part

You will get 5000 coins at least after you input invite code.You will get more coins by invite your friends,Each one input you invite code,Your account will receive 2Rs immediately,4 Rs will arrival your account at the second and third day.If you don't know what invitation code to fill, you can fill in 0000H


Not only this, you can click the treasure chest every four hours,if you share it to WhatsApp,You can get more coins,you can get another coin if someone click you share link.



Other than this

You will get a lots of coins in lucky draw If you are lucky enough,


If you wanna get more lottery ticket,You can share VidMix to your friends,you will get one lottery ticket if your friends click the link.



Other ways to earn gold coins

If you have completed the above tasks, there is still another can go finish the Daily Task

It is very easy to complete.

Through the above methods, I can easily earn 20 to 50 Rs every day.The best way to get money is invite your friends to fill your invite code.